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training & analytics

training, product and process engineering
of electronic assemblies

Together with our partners we offer electronics manufacturers and developers the crucial know-how and comprehensive services ranging from packaging of integrated circuits to system integration.

These include the following services:

  • Consulting and support during development and construction
  • Material selection and technical process implementation of electronic products
  • Training, inspection and durability testing of materials, fittings, components, assemblies, and products
  • Small batch production and rework activities
  • Analysis of manufacturing processes, products and damage claims
  • Training measures for electronics design and manufacturing process, quality assessment according to industry standards, and professional brazing and soldering training for electronics manufacturing – also offered as
    in-house training

We have comprehensive equipment for analysis and training purposes. These include, for example, climatic exposure test and climatic shock cabinets, equipment for pulp preparation, light microscopes, optical inspection systems, pull and crop testing machine, universal compression-tension testing machine, comprehensive electrical measurement instrumentation, simulation software, SMD assembly line and rework and soldering stations. Further testing services are vibration testing, EM/EDX analysis, X-ray inspections, and wetting tests.

We answer your questions in the development of electronic components and technology and will help you with your concerns.