products & solutions


automotive spare parts

Since 1984, we operate globally with high-quality automotive parts. In addition to in-depth market knowledge we have above-average good connections and possibilities on the supplier side. We enjoy a unique supplier credit, the result of decades-long partnerships with our suppliers, which we take for granted. Consequently, we can maintain a wide range of products.

We offer both: products of choice at first hand with original parts, or economic and reasonable alternatives with original replacement parts and used parts. Our offer includes fuel / oil /water pumps, shock absorbers, clutches, radiators, washers, wheel bearings, crankshafts, gear belts, spark plugs, and many more.

electrical products

In the electrical industry, since 1984, we are also considered as a reliable trading partner for electrical products in the low and medium voltage. Together with our international suppliers and trading partners, we support you optimally in your product search and deliver what you need – just in time!

We offer the complete range of products for the electrical equipment and automation of buildings, machinery and equipment, such as circuit breakers, installing equipment, building systems, switching systems, distribution & cable systems, and other related products.

supply chain management

Our customers appreciate our expert support. K&S takes over the complete workflow from request to delivery of spare parts, mass consumer goods, wearing parts, maintenance parts, components, and other frequently ordered parts for the periodic or sudden need.

We consolidate the ordered parts of all suppliers in our distribution warehouse and thoroughly prepare them for export, overseas transport, or export formalities.

Our goal is to ensure that our customers' business operations run as smoothly as possible. Our services ensure the hassle-free supply of appliances and spare parts and the optimization of Supply Chain Management. This reduces our customers' procurement costs and minimizes material and procedural errors, while our intelligent solutions keep our customers fully satisfied. And our stock of goods means we can ensure fast and easy availability and at the same time help our customers reduce their storage and capital outlay costs.