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The strategy of K&S – close co-operation with leaders in technology and know-how carriers – has proven itself. Together with our partners we can provide integrated energy solutions that can be adapted to the needs of each meter manufacturer and utility. Our meters and solutions help utilities and consumers to increase energy efficiency, reduce energy costs and promote the sustainable use of resources.

technology and know-how transfer


Electronic meters


EMH Energie-Messtechnik
Stationary and portable
meter testing equipment


MTE Meter Test Equipment
Test equipment and monitoring
systems for energy measurement

consulting engineers


Jörg Kowol
Many years of experience in the field of electronics in particular the
production, testing and development of mechanical and electronic meters.

  • Study of electrical engineering, instrumentation and automation engineering
  • Authorized Officer and Managing Director at Deutschen Zählergesellschaft GmbH
  • Managing Director at EasyMeter GmbH
  • Project manager at EMH Elektrizitätszähler GmbH
  • Managing Director at Trainalytics GmbH

Frank Herrmann
Professional skills at development and manufacturing of electronic measuring
instruments for billing, development and design of test systems, quality
supervision, inspection systems.

  • Study of electrical engineering and power engineering
  • Lecturer in adults education
  • Public utility company in Braunschweig, Germany
  • Head of state-approved testing laboratory, EE2
  • Engineering Manager at Deutsche Zählergesellschaft GmbH
  • Managing Director at EasyMeter GmbH
  • Self-employed Consultant: Metering Components