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Metering is a segment of the power company value chain that is currently receiving a great deal of interest. And this world of meters and energy consumption figures is an extremely dynamic area with a wide range of requirements and constraints:

  • New market requirements and legal guidelines demand higher transparency of costs
  • Distribution companies, currently responsible for metering, are beginning to view outsourcing as an attractiv instrument for cutting costs
  • The partners operating in the energy market demand rapid provision of metering data
  • Global initiatives in the energy market, such as the development of smart grids, are driving innovation forward
  • Flexible tariffs and supplementary metering services make for a win-win situation which benefits both customer and energy provider.

A range of services revolving around metering permit recording and distribution of relevant data from different market players in a deregulated market. This includes the various aspects of Automated Meter Management (AMM) and the set-up and integration of billing, customer information and ERP applications.

smart metering

Automated Meter Management and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (smart metering) will potentially significantly impact business models. Opportunities emerge, for example, in the areas of revenue and customer management, service quality, commodity management and the optimization of system and infrastructure usage, leading to enhanced stability and reliability.

In smart metering, “intelligent meters” provide consumption data straight from customer systems at regular and frequent intervals. Business and private customers can keep track of their energy consumption at all times and optimize their consumption behavior if necessary. Power companies are able to offer their customers flexible, time-dependent tariffs and other complex products. Smart metering employs two-way communication to remotely control meters, communicate status data, for example, and to transmit the measured energy consumption per time interval for billing purposes.

our offer and customer benefits

K&S has many years of experience and consulting expertise in the field of electronics, specifically the development, testing, manufacturing and marketing of mechanical and electronic electricity meters.

In addition to advising manufacturers of measuring instruments and components in terms of mechanics, electronics and product support, we offer expert systems and product development in the area of metering.

From the design of specifications according to customer requirements through manufacturing coordination inland and abroad – our consulting engineers have extensive experience and knowledge from their diverse activities in leading German companies in the metering industry. They can give you comprehensive advice on all matters in the field of metering.

We offer smart metering solutions that cover the entire process chain – from installation of smart meters to communication infrastructures and consumption data management right through to billing and customer service.